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Every project has a great story. With over 2,600 team members and almost 100 years of experience in the construction industry, we at Barton Malow have more than a few stories to tell that don’t fit the industry norm. In our podcast, we’re going to be bringing you the untold stories from the jobsite – the weird, the wild, and the unconventional paths to success. It’s construction, but it’s Said Differently.

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Hot Starts, Golden Arms, Can’t Lose
Season 1 | Episode 2
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Women are a largely untapped demographic with great potential to offset skilled labor shortages in construction. One Detroit-area organization is on the front lines of making this a reality – one welding course at a time.

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Who You Gonna Call?
Season 1 | Episode 1
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The project is the new Center at Belvedere Senior Center and Hospital Clinic in Charlottesville, Virginia – a 48,000 square foot building that our team finished up in April of 2020. But a big part of this project was creating an inviting outdoor area complete with walking paths and a lawn space for entertaining. One problem our team ran into was a significant amount of invasive vegetation outside of the new structure. So who ya gonna call?

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