Barton Malow


We have completed energy construction projects throughout all of North America. Power generation projects are complex, and we understand the challenges our customers face, given high levels of risks associated with projects in this industry. We are devoted to providing our clients with full-service solutions to help them fulfill their commitments to delivering power through:

  • Wind
  • Solar
  • Biomass
  • Natural gas
  • Coal

Through the utilization of owned assets, trade labor, design partners, and strategic subcontractor partners, Barton Malow is positioned to deliver the safest and highest quality energy projects while achieving both client construction schedule and budget objectives.

With our fleet of equipment and qualified personnel to self-perform various work – including civil/concrete, structural steel and miscellaneous metals, center line, mechanical piping, boilermaker, and refractory – we’re well-positioned to meet any requirement.

Learn more about our work in wind energy by listening to our recent “Winds of Change” episode of Said Differently – A Barton Malow Podcast. Find it here.

Barton Malow Energy Construction