Barton Malow

Our Commitment to Safety

Safety is embedded in the culture and core values at Barton Malow. New team members are introduced to our commitment to safety immediately after being hired in our orientation programs. It’s reinforced at the start of every day on the jobsite, the first topic on every meeting agenda, and it’s specifically emphasized during certain times of the year, such as the annual Construction Safety Week.

Leading the Industry in Safety

Years of continuous improvement on top of an already robust strategy have helped establish Barton Malow as a construction safety leader. We currently have a 0.48 Experience Modifier Rate (EMR) in Michigan and 0.66 EMR interstate for both Barton Malow Company and Barton Malow Builders, safety records substantially better than the industry average. But we’re not an organization that’s content with our safety record, and it’s why we’re always analyzing and implementing innovative solutions and new methods that can help bring it closer to zero incidents.

Our approach to safety is a proactive one. We regularly utilize constructability reviews, preventative design, and new technology like and Construction Robotics to keep team members safer on job sites. Whether it’s providing the latest innovations in Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and fall protection or using safety training to allow our team members better hazard identification, we’re consistently working on continuous improvement in regards to safety. We also participate in the annual Construction Safety Week to reaffirm our commitment to safe practices with demonstrations, safety training, and morale-boosting activities.

Part of our focus as a construction safety leader includes partnering with the following organizations to ensure our practices are meeting industry standards and for continuous learning opportunities for team members:

  • Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)
  • The Association of Union Constructors
  • American Society of Safety Professionals
  • Associated General Contractors of America
  • Construction Industry Institute

Safety Manuals