Barton Malow

What We Do

In an industry that is ready for change, Barton Malow is committed to creating innovative methods that help the industry manage the lack of certainty in schedule and cost, a shrinking workforce, and outdated processes and methods. We know that construction won’t be transformed by a single new piece of technology, so our commitment to innovation focuses on identifying and utilizing the right combination of technologies and business models that allow a leap forward. It’s this kind of innovative focus that creates more control in the overall construction process and allows everything we do to become more efficient.

Ironworkers on a beam
  • Employees discussing preconstruction and planning

    Preconstruction + Planning

    Our approach is simple, even when the project is anything but — we deliver early cost certainty, a multi-disciplined staff, pricing accuracy, and transparent collaboration throughout the entire process to ensure there are no surprises.

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  • A virtual CAD drawing

    Virtual Design + Construction

    Our virtual design and construction solutions foster better partnerships, make us better builders, create better project results, and better equip us for success.

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  • Examining work going on above

    Construction + Delivery

    Before advising on the best method for successful completion, we consider a project’s scale, complexity, and schedule, with a focus on accommodating variations based on the project and our client’s needs.

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  • Self-Perform Trades

    Our ability to self-perform work contributes significantly to our overall knowledge of the work and allows us to customize and monitor the project schedule and adjust more rapidly than we can through secondary contractors.

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  • Lean Construction


    Our focus on Lean is an important part of the Barton Malow culture that is supported by a respect for our team members, a heightened level of innovation, and a desire to provide value for our customers.

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  • Technology Services

    We provide integrated technology services with a single source of responsibility for design and production, eliminating the headaches of multiple vendors.

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