Barton Malow

Virtual Design + Construction

Barton Malow defines Virtual Design + Construction (VDC) as the application of BIM and related technology throughout the project lifecycle (pursuit to closeout) to improve overall project performance.

Stronger Virtual Design Means Stronger Construction Partnerships

Our Virtual Design and Construction solutions foster better partnerships. We create team-wide cultural alignment by deploying technologies to optimize communication and collaboration while driving transparency with all project stakeholders.

Better Builders Leveraging Smart Technology

Rather than approaching technology as a one-size-fits-all solution, we leverage the latest technology, like Autodesk Build, strategically to make us better overall builders. Since every project is unique, we craft a versatile technology implementation strategy that responds to individual stakeholder needs and innate project challenges.

Successful Virtual Design Means Better Construction Project Results

Our VDC solutions are targeted to deliver better project results through cost savings, schedule certainty, and the reduction of errors. The tools and workflows we leverage through BIM, reality capture and integration, project controls, and visualizations are critical for optimizing project outcomes.

Process Driven for Superior Results

Our VDC-enabled workforce is better equipped to make process-driven decisions that honor our commitments and deliver superior results. Rather than centralizing our VDC expertise remotely, we partner subject matter experts with on-site champions in the field, where we are more responsive to day-to-day conditions. With support from our VDC team, we can confidently deploy the right tools for the right job at the right time.

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