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Virtual Design + Construction

At Barton Malow Virtual Design + Construction (VDC) focuses on the application of 3D models and related technology throughout the project lifecycle (pursuit to closeout) to improve project performance.

Stronger Virtual Design Means Stronger Construction Partnerships

Barton Malow’s Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) services utilize technology to enhance collaboration, communication, and efficiency at every stage of your construction project. Our VDC experts partner with dedicated on-site teams to implement solutions that drive value for your unique needs.

Leveraging the Right Tools

Key VDC services include 3D modeling, 4D scheduling, virtual mockups, prefabrication, reality capture, and more. With 3D modeling, we can coordinate all building systems prior to installation, reducing costly on site fixes. 4D scheduling connects your 3D model to the project timeline for advanced visualization and planning. Virtual mockups facilitate early design decisions without full-scale physical models. Prefabrication produces components in a controlled setting for improved quality, safety, and productivity. Reality capture is accomplished through photos, video, and drones to document site conditions for continued optimization.

Throughout your project, our mobile-connected teams have instant access to VDC deliverables on iPads and other devices. This constant flow of information, from initial constructability reviews to as-built facility documentation, is critical to enhanced communication and effectiveness.

Barton Malow’s VDC services are more than just software and technology. Our partners receive the technology-enhanced expertise of our integrated project teams to:

  • Optimize schedules
  • Reduce construction waste
  • Improve quality outcomes
  • Enhance safety processes
  • Create better-coordinated designs
  • Achieve cost certainty

Contact our VDC team to learn how we can help you meet the cost, schedule, and performance goals specific to your next building project.

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