Community Involvement

William James said, "Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does."

While successful construction projects, industry awards and reference letters do reflect a company’s accomplishments, there is far more to the Barton Malow story. We are also working hard to build lives. Since 1924, part of the Barton Malow culture – our brand – is demonstrated through community good works. We’re people helping people achieve their potential.

Walking the talk is important to us. Over decades, Barton Malow's leaders have shared a common denominator – an extraordinary community service track record.

Barton Malow Sponsored Community Involvement

Barton Malow partners with numerous non-profit organizations through our corporation and foundation giving as well as our employee match program. We organize home builds for Habitat for Humanity and handle facility renovations at non-profit organizations. We are proud to coordinate campaigns for the American Heart Association, YMCA and Breast Cancer Research. We host American Red Cross blood drives, judge the National Association of Women in Construction Block Kids Competitions and conduct educational events for disadvantaged businesses.

Employee Activities

Employees support educational institutions as instructors, fund-raisers, and as trustees. Employee volunteers lead apprenticeship programs, conduct career fairs, speak to advance careers in construction, lead project tours for youth organizations, serve as scout leaders, coach youth sporting groups, assist the elderly and perform as fire fighters. Our award-winning Community Week program allows all of our employees to spend at least half a day volunteering during the first week of August. More than 20 different volunteering options are set up for our staff members to choose from. The positive impact from our efforts is felt in communities across the country and sticks with our employees throughout the year.

We are proud that employees make it a priority to serve non-profit organizations and many do so in leadership positions. The list is long and the sense of satisfaction remarkable.

There are many benefits to construction community service and community building; one is clearly the caliber of individuals we serve with. Surely the finest people we can ever meet are those who are busy helping others. Please join us in action!

Doug Maibach, P.E.

“Barton Malow's culture allows me the opportunity to align my priorities of God, family, work and make a difference each day. ”