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Barton Malow Uses BuildingConnected to Stay on Schedule in the Midst of COVID-19


Barton Malow has been using BuildingConnected to help streamline the bid and risk management process for nearly 18 months, realizing significant gains in efficiency with the platform. In addition to all the time saved not having to recreate bidders’ lists, bid forms, bid tabs, or bid leveling sheets on every project, BuildingConnected also has the added benefit of giving us the ability to virtually receive and open bids. In these unprecedented times, the ability to facilitate bidding electronically has been key in allowing millions of dollars in K12 work to stay on schedule. Our K12 projects in Michigan have received bids every day of the shelter-in-place executive order and have used Microsoft Teams and YouTube Live to host live virtual bid openings. ​

A recent bid opening done for St. Clair County Community College using BuildingConnected and YouTube Live

Michigan’s traditional K12 bid process was put into place in 1976, requiring subcontractors to drive hours to the project site, gather all the required information, and stuff it into envelopes that project managers would then have to open, check, and carry back to the office by the boxful to be scanned. In order to use a 2020 solution under 1976 rules, our K12 projects in Michigan worked closely with the owners’ legal teams to review the process and the mechanics of the software. BuildingConnected was also able to provide support, showing owners that electronic bidding was not only a better process, but a more secure one. This proactive approach eventually led to Barton Malow becoming the first in Michigan to take advantage of electronic bidding in the K12 market.

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