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Gabe Rodriguez-Garriga
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Gabe Rodriguez-Garriga

Vice President of Strategy + Environmental Analysis

Gabe Rodriguez-Garriga is Barton Malow’s Vice President of Strategy + Environmental Analysis. In this role, Gabe develops the strategies to support Barton Malow’s long-term, short-term, and mission-critical roles through external data analysis and research. His work spans all of Barton Malow’s entities to provide data insights, analytics, and tools to achieve business goals, foster innovation, and promote data-driven decision-making.

Before joining Barton Malow in the fall 2023, Gabe served as Vice President of Strategy for Business Leaders of Michigan. His career also includes strategic work for Fortune 500 companies, consulting agencies, and economic groups.

Did You Know

Gabe was once in an a cappella group called the “Muddy Chords.”