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Fraudulent Barton Malow Communications + Job Offers

The Barton Malow Family of Companies has been made aware of spoof emails and fraudulent job offers that have been sent using variations of Barton Malow’s name or the names of its team members. These communications are not legitimate and not associated with Barton Malow in any way.

A few things that can help tip you off as to whether a message is coming from a legitimate contact at Barton Malow or not are:

  • The sender’s email address: Official email communication from Barton Malow will be from an address that ends in or
  • The job offer is unsolicited: Job offers will not be extended to individuals with whom we haven’t spoken to personally or had an interview with either by phone or in person
  • Money is being requested: There will never be a fee or payment required of any candidate applying for employment at Barton Malow