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Barton Malow and Pype: Partners in Construction Project Efficiency

Pype, a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) provider of automated solutions for construction risk management, has joined Michigan-based general contractor Barton Malow in an enterprise partnership. This partnership allows Barton Malow to use Pype’s platform on its construction projects nationwide, helping teams achieve a higher level of efficiency and deliver even higher quality products to their clients.

“Pype has historically provided our project teams with incredible value by creating a submittals safety net and allowing our team members to focus on more experience-driven work,” said Daniel Stone, Senior Innovation Manager at Barton Malow. “When we heard of how AutoSpecs was benefiting our projects, we decided to make it available company-wide.”

AutoSpecs, one of Pype’s flagship products, automates the process of generating a submittal log—which is a list of deliverables that contractually must be submitted to the client for record-keeping or approval. This process is otherwise done by project engineers (PEs) over the course of several weeks as they locate by hand every requirement in thousand-page project manuals, which hardly encourages construction project efficiency.

“Not only does this process take up valuable hours worked that these PEs could be using to actually learn the project,” stated Sunil Dorairajan, CEO and co-founder of Pype, “but it also leaves the contractor wide open to project risk. Instead of teams generating a log manually from scratch, AutoSpecs allows them to review a log more accurately compiled by artificial intelligence.”

“Eliminating the chance for human error across our entire project portfolio was an important part of our AutoSpecs evaluation,” explained Lindsey Rem, Vice President of Systems at Barton Malow. “When we layer in technology, and especially automation, we can ensure project teams have the tools they need to do exceptional work. Not only are we insulating ourselves against the potential for monetary loss in rework or liquidated damages, but the oversight that products like Pype provides allow project teams to build strong relationships with design teams and owners.”

“Now that we have AutoSpecs, our teams have more time to review the log and the project as a whole,” Stone added. “AutoSpecs is a safety net for our teams, but it doesn’t replace their understanding of the project. SpecView is one of my favorite features because it does just that—helps us know our project better, making us a more effective team.” The SpecView tool in AutoSpecs provides a guided review workflow, allowing users to compare each requirement in their submittal log with the exact specification it was pulled from in their digital spec book. Stone continued, “it combines review of the submittal log with review of the specifications as a whole. That combined workflow allows us to use our time more efficiently.”

“Any workflow we can streamline, expedite, or improve means a higher ROI for our clients on each of their projects,” explained Karuna Ammireddy, Pype’s CTO and co-founder. “That includes sending the data from our software to our partner’s project management tool so that they can work Pype’s actionable insights into the broader scope of their project. That‘s why we take pride not only in our features, but in our partnerships and integrations.”

Of particular importance to Barton Malow is Pype’s API integration with BIM 360 and its export template option to Prolog — both of which are project management platforms that Barton Malow teams use.

“Their multiple export options, their openness to feedback, and their Customer Success team are all signs of a truly great software partner,” concluded Stone. “Pype isn’t just concerned with what’s happening in their platform, but they’re genuinely interested in helping our projects succeed. That’s why we trust them.”

About Pype
Pype is the construction industry’s first SaaS provider for submittal log management and project closeout. By using patented AI and machine-learning algorithms, their platforms liberate project teams from error-prone spreadsheet workflows and ensure contract compliance from precon through closeout. These cutting-edge solutions present unprecedented insights on spec and closeout data to help teams extract actionable information from specifications and plans to close communication gaps between design, construction, and operations teams. Over 40% of the ENR Top 400 use AutoSpecs and Closeout on projects coast-to-coast to provide a higher level of quality assurance, efficiency, and risk management using Pype’s exceptionally accurate and richly integrated software technology.