Barton Malow

National Clean Energy Week + MIGreenPower

National Clean Energy Week

This week, September 21-25, is National Clean Energy Week, an annual event dedicated to working towards solving the world’s most pressing challenges in energy technologies and celebrating clean energy innovation. In recognition and support of this event, our Sustainability Community has announced Barton Malow’s participation in an initiative from DTE called MIGreenPower, and we are inviting our partners who are DTE electric customers to enroll.

The MIGreenPower program supports local renewable energy by increasing the amount of energy sourced from local wind and solar projects and lowering the carbon footprint associated with electricity use. Barton Malow’s enrollment will increase the Southfield office’s renewable energy use by 5%, which avoids over 400,000 lbs of carbon emissions per year and is equal to planting 5,201 trees or taking 42.4 cars off the road. Barton Malow joins other major Michigan companies on the list of participants such as General Motors, Ford, the University of Michigan, the Detroit Zoo, and others.

Individual and Small Business MIGreenPower Participation

In addition to large corporations, many small businesses and more than 15,000 individual households are also participating in the program and enjoying the convenience and affordability the program brings. As part of our family-wide commitment to sustainability, we’re encouraging all who are DTE electric customers to also enroll in the program. There is no contract to enroll and participation in the program can be cancelled at any time. Most residential customers are already receiving 12.5% of their energy from renewable energy sources and can increase their participation in the program by 5% increments. The average home cost for enrollment in the program is $7-10 per month. You can calculate your participation’s environmental impact and cost by inputting the size of your home and your intended renewable energy increase into DTE’s calculator on their website.

Those who enroll in the program using the referral code “BARTONMALOW” will help us understand the overall impact of the Barton Malow Family’s participation in the program.

To enroll in the program or find more information, visit the DTE MIGreenPower website.