Virtual Reality Justifies Value and Function of High-End Features

Reimagining the first floor of our headquarters as a showpiece in construction and technology developed from the need to provide more adaptive and collaborative conference spaces for employees within our building. The resulting Innovation Center contains flexible, multi-sized, adaptive spaces that promote better collaboration. The highly detailed SketchUp 3D model had every last element of the project modeled so that exact quantity takeoff was possible from within the model. Utilizing Revizto, converting the 3D model for use with the Oculus Rift was quick and effortless.

With current space planning trends turning away from closed offices and conference spaces and embracing a more open and collaborative use of space, Barton Malow as our own designer and builder, selected a NanaWall system for the Center. Chosen for its flexibility and performance, it brought the desired high-level aesthetic to the space, but came with a higher price tag than originally planned. Walking through the model utilizing virtual reality reinforced the material selection. Barton Malow leadership could easily see the performance and value gained, which would have been harder to embrace using only flat drawings or a line item within the estimate.

Doug Maibach, P.E.

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