Open Concept Learning

Facing aging facilities and a decreasing student population, the Bloomfield Hills community passed a $58.8 million bond program in May 2012 to consolidate the community’s two existing high schools, Andover and Lahser, and create the new Bloomfield Hills High School. The District funded an additional $20 million outside of the bond issue.

Built at the site of Andover High School, the project included demolition of 150,000 SF of Andover, renovation of the remaining 112,000 SF of Andover and construction of a new 260,000 SF addition.

During construction, 9th grade students were located at the Bloomfield Hills High School 9th Grade Campus, on the site of the former Hickory Grove Elementary School and 10th-12th grade students were located at the Bloomfield Hills High School Main Campus, on the site of the former Lahser High School.

The new school was designed around the idea of open concept learning. The facility features open, flexible spaces that promote partnership and student directed learning.

Collaboration Driven, Technology-Enriched Features Include:

  • Outdoor courtyard doubles as learning space
  • Two-sided fireplace in Media Center and Main Entry
  • Turf athletic field
  • Bridge off the second floor provides access from locker rooms to turf field
  • Radio and TV studios
  • Interactive television displays throughout
  • BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) Program
  • Lounge furniture and soft seating
  • Tiered seating classrooms
  • Designated “apartment” classroom for special education program
  • Blue Point Alert System (in progress)

Project Management Techniques:

  • Maintaining the Project Schedule
  • Navigating a Congested Site
  • Electronic Document Management
  • Construction on an Occupied Space
  • On-Site Co-location

Unique Design and Construction Methods:

  • Double Tees for Pool Construction
  • Challenging Soil Conditions
  • Weather Impacts
  • Connecting New Portion to the Existing Portion
Paul Twigg

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