Enhancing the fan experience at Ford Field

What does it look when more than 26,000 square-feet of LED displays goes up at a stadium? It looks like a touchdown celebration at Ford Field. By doubling the size of the previous main displays, Barton Malow and others have given fans new ways to take in the game.

The Displays are Huuuuuuge

At a stadium like Ford Field where close to 65,000 people attend each football game, creating an environment that’s fan friendly, team friendly and eye friendly can be a challenge. So when we were given the opportunity to take part in the installation of the new Daktronics displays, we’re honored to put a cherry on top of the fan experience.

Imagine nine Ford Mustangs stacked on top of each other. Got it? OK, now imagine 8.5 Ford F-150s parked bumper-to-bumper. That’s the height and length of the main display. Entertainment at Ford Field has never been as big or as bold as now.

No, Really. They’re Massive!

A total of 28.1 million LEDs were added throughout the stadium. When you add the flanking displays, all video boards standing upright would make it 540 feet, or the fourth-tallest building in all of Detroit.

Putting all the displays up was no easy effort, but our team of ironworkers put on quite the show. So, with the fan experience at an all-time high thanks to the new displays, are you ready to get your roar on this season?

Todd Ketola

“Barton Malow stands tall above the waves of our industry”