Barton Malow

American Legion Memorial Stadium

Mecklenburg County

American Legion Memorial Stadium

American Legion Stadium in spring 2021 prior to synthetic turf installation.

This project will include the complete demolition and reconstruction of the American Legion Memorial Stadium located on a historic property originally constructed in 1936. The planned reconstruction of American Legion Memorial Stadium will improve the site to host future events. American Legion Memorial Stadium is dedicated to honoring Mecklenberg County Veterans who fought in World War I. The stadium is a landmark and as such, we are taking steps to preserve its features.

Dean Slate, General Superintendent, outlined a part of the historical preservation aspect of the project, saying, “The stone wall will be basically chipped apart. All the stone will be cleaned and palletized so that a mason can come in when we get the new wall built and reuse that stone veneer to maintain the historical look of the stadium and reuse the stone that is actually here. We’re in good shape economically and maintain that historical piece of the stadium.”

The project includes a playing field sized to host professional and amateur sporting events from soccer and lacrosse to football, with hopes to bring professional franchises to the stadium. The facility will have the flexibility to host other civic events like concerts, band competitions, civic gatherings, and more. The total capacity for the stadium will be 12,000 spectators.

The stadium will also have competition support facilities which include a video board, training room, referee room, and locker rooms along with upgraded venue support facilities (restrooms, ticket booths, press box, concessions, etc.).