Barton Malow

American Legion Memorial Stadium

Mecklenburg County

American Legion Memorial Stadium Fireworks on Opening Night

American Legion Memorial Stadium on Opening Night

Dedicated to honoring Mecklenberg County Veterans who fought in World War I, American Legion Memorial Stadium is a historic landmark. Its reconstruction focused on preserving its features while enhancing visitor experience.

As a destination for community sporting events in Mecklenburg County and home to the USL’s Charlotte Independence, the stadium has a rich history. Opened in 1936, the original stadium was a result of President Roosevelt’s Works Progress Administration public works program. The stadium has hosted everything from wrestling and concerts to band competitions and football games, becoming a beloved regional and local space to gather. The project has maintained the Historic Landmark Designation by replicating and respecting the style of the original design with the 100% recycled original stone field wall, replicated ticketing booths, and concrete walls at the top of the seating bowl.

The stadium also features competition support facilities which include a new video board, training room, referee room, and locker rooms. Additional upgraded amenities include the press box, restrooms, and concessions. Separations between these support structures create unique sightlines into – and out of – the venue, connecting the historic 10,500-capacity venue to the community.

An extensive public art program honors World War I veterans and also is visible from the inside and outside of the venue. The memorial, designed by artists Simon Donovan and Ben Olmstead, incorporates large-scale, symbolic sculptural relief walls depicting icons and heroes of the war. A simple, elegant sculptural relief of the American flag complements the imagery of soldiers.