Barton Malow

Fairbanks Wind Park

Heritage Sustainable Energy / DTE Energy

Barton Malow - Fairbanks Wind Farm - Base Foundation Placement

Fairbanks Wind Park is a 71.4 MW wind farm located in Delta County, Michigan for DTE Energy Electric Services. This wind park utilizes 21 Siemens Gamesa wind turbines and generates enough electricity to power nearly 24,000 Michigan homes. At its peak, this project created 200 construction jobs. Barton Malow self-performed civil site work, turbine access roads, temporary intersection improvements, concrete foundation placement, and tower/turbine erection services. 

The location of the Fairbanks Wind Park turbines is based on optimum wind resources and site accessibility. To minimize the impact on the local farming community, additional route planning consideration was given to the surrounding areas. The project’s remote location, bedrock subsurface, and intensified weather conditions set the stage for some very impressive planning. This project included heightened safety communication plans, lengthy stretches of forestry clearing, alternate access road profiles, careful bedrock blasting planning for foundation excavation, and below-freezing concrete placements with material supply over an hour away.