Barton Malow

JCI FRC Air Flow Optimization

CBRE / Johnson Controls International

Exhaust fans before renovation

The project included removal of existing furnace draft inducer fans and replacement with larger fans to serve the three furnaces operating at this battery recycling plant. Each furnace has an accompanying air pollution control system to reduce emissions. This system includes an afterburner, dropout box, fabric filter, HEPA bank, and wet scrubber. The potential energy required to move air through the system is supplied by a centrifugal fan, driven by an electric motor on a variable frequency drive. To debottleneck the system, Barton Malow replaced each fan with one of a larger capacity.

Work included new electrical feeders, VFDs, and foundations. The fan replacement with associated duct, steel, electrical connections, and commissioning occurred over separate shut down windows for each fan.

A concurrent renovation project also included a refinery train extension. This industrial renovation project involved the extension of an existing train crucible rail, adding 95 feet to the track along with an adjacent guardrail. Barton Malow also relocated the existing chain drive to a new location as part of this renovation.

Phased Installation

The project execution was based upon a phased installation plan, which required separate mobilizations and material delivery efforts for each furnace. Careful and deliberate scheduling, along with working around the clock, 24 hours per day for the plant’s scheduled nine-day shutdown periods were critical to the success of this project. These shutdown periods provided a window for Barton Malow to complete the necessary work without interrupting plant operations. Endless planning, persistence, and quick wits left all parties involved feeling highly accomplished when the new fan assembly motor came to life.