Barton Malow

North STEM High School

Fulton County Schools

Design concept rendering of North Stem High School

Rendering of North STEM High School

North STEM High School in Atlanta, Georgia, serves students focusing their instruction in Information Technology, Engineering, and Health Science.

K12 General Contracting

Barton Malow provided its expertise in K12 general contracting services for the newly constructed high school, built to accommodate 1,500 students across 245,000 SF of learning and meeting space. The interior of North STEM works to promote a collaborative environment for students. The campus focuses on a central three-story atrium known as the touchdown space. This touchdown space houses a media center and the cafeteria to create a collaborative hub where students can eat, work, and socialize throughout the day. Additional spaces include a gymnasium and a performing arts program.

Barton Malow utilized virtual design and construction (VDC) tools to ensure the timely and efficient completion of the North STEM High School project. 3D modeling enabled the project delivery team to communicate the initial design and design changes throughout the project, keeping the subcontractors moving forward. VDC coordination also provided a clear communication channel between the ownership, design, and project delivery teams.