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Vanderburgh County Jail Expansion

Evansville Vanderburgh County Building Authority

Vanderburgh County Jail Expansion

In collaboration with the Evansville Vanderburgh County Building Authority, the team at Barton Malow is excited to take on the Vanderburgh County Jail Expansion project. Home to the Evansville Vanderburgh County Sheriff’s Office and supporting faculty, the jail’s mission is to provide the highest level of safety, security, and quality of life for those incarcerated in Vanderburgh County. 

This project consists of a new 33,000 SF two story Jail addition and a new single story 10,000 SF Coroner’s Office for a total of 43,000 SF of new construction.  This transformative project encompasses a new behavioral health unit, male/female inmate dorm housing, juvenile male/female inmate dorm housing, segregation pods, video arraignment rooms, parking lot modifications and some existing administration remodel.  The new Coroner’s office, which is a separate standalone building, has the capacity to serve as a command center in during emergency events within Vanderburgh County.

Following the aforementioned additions, this new space will aid in improving the likelihood of rehabilitation and positioning inmates for successful re-entry to society.