May 26, 2015

Barton Malow Announces Builder + Leader + Impact + Craftsman Awards

For the 10th consecutive year, Barton Malow Company honored individuals through the Builder + Leader Awards program. With the introduction of the Ben Maibach III Impact Award in 2014 and the Craftsman Award in 2015, our awards program is unique in that the recipients are nominated by their peers. This year we had a record 48 nominees with many individuals receiving multiple nominations.
The 2015 winners are:

Ling Sperl, General Superintendent – Carl O. Barton Builder Award

The Carl O. Barton Builder Award honors individuals that have jobsite responsibility and display excellence in the following:

  • Completing projects on time, within budget, with minimal issues
  • Maintaining satisfied customers
  • Excellent builder acumen
  • Maximizing profitability
  • Supports diversity
  • Strengths in safety, teamwork, quality, planning, organization, and mentoring

A nomination that described Ling said, “When I think about the model for the best builder and who I could point to for young builders to emulate, Ling immediately comes to mind.  His skill set and approach to his daily construction activities and tasks are second only to his love of building and being a superintendent.  His passion for his work - which includes safety, quality, scheduling, cleanliness, being a "good neighbor" to his clients, keeping everyone productive, and keeping his clients informed and satisfied - is consistently evident to anyone who steps foot his projects.  Every client that has ever worked with Ling wants to work with him again - this is quite a feat considering the numerous projects Ling has built over his 20+ years with Barton Malow.  Ling understands that he represents Barton Malow on every project, and never takes this for granted.  In fact, he strives to convey a positive image of himself and Barton Malow to everyone on site.  Ling is also an accomplished marksman (has won local, regional, and national shooting competitions), a fisherman, and a loving husband and father to a young daughter.  He maintains great balance in his life, and truly enjoys each day - both work and play!"

Joe Blanchette, Senior Project Manager – Ben Maibach Jr. Leadership Award

The Ben Maibach Jr. Leadership Award honors an individual who displays excellence in some or all of the following:

  • Behaving with integrity
  • Demonstrating compassion
  • Community involvement
  • Supporting diversity
  • Ability to inspire or motivate others
  • Mentoring and developing others
  • Makes you want to be a better person

The nomination describing Joe said, "Joe has every great quality you could look for in a leader!  He is a true motivator and team builder.  Driving his team and directing them towards the overall goal seems to be a natural instinct for Joe.  He treats everyone he works with like family and will take you in like one of his own.  I have never worked for someone that I could have trusted more, both on a professional and personal level."

Steve Herckner, Project Manager – Ben Maibach III Impact Award

The Ben Maibach III Impact Award honors an individual who displays excellence in the following:

  • Influencing Lives – Made significant, positive impact on the personal or professional life of a Barton Malow employee or individuals elsewhere.
  • Improving Work – Significantly improved the workplace (a work activity, the work environment, client relationships, etc.) with positive energy, innovative thinking and collaboration.
  • Strengthening Communities – Demonstrated a passion for strengthening our communities, protecting the environment or has found other ways to make a meaningful social impact.

A nomination that described Steve said, "Steve has always been a positive presence in the lives of those he interacts with personally and professionally.  He devotes the majority of his free time volunteering at his Church, and relays stories of how they are able to touch the lives of many people through various social activities held in the Community.  When he witnesses co-workers struggling with their workload, he is often the first person to lend a hand and offer time to help them with whatever they may need.  He is constantly evaluating processes to see where improvement can be made, and often incorporates innovative thinking in his solutions.  No matter how busy he is, he always takes the time to mentor others.  He is a positive influence on people by being the best he can be, and giving back to those in need.”

Don Binkowski, Cement Mason Superintendent – Craftsman Award

The newly developed Craftsman Award honors a Barton Malow Journeyman, Foreman or General Superintendent who demonstrates superior technical performance and displays excellence in the following areas:

  • Delivers quality workmanship
  • Follows safe work practices
  • Demonstrates passion for the trade
  • Willingly shares knowledge and encourages the development of others
  • Respected and trusted by the team
  • Supports and mentors aspiring apprentices

A nomination describing Don said, "Don has been a key component to self perform within the company since the early 80's. He started his career as a laborer and found his true calling as a cement finisher. With the passion he had for perfection and his knowledge of the materials, he helped pave the way with self performing concrete finishing at Barton Malow. He was my mentor coming into the trades and helped hone my skills (like he did for many others) and he truly bleeds Barton Malow blue when it comes to concrete work and quality of the final product.”