Barton Malow

College Internships

Established in 1984, Barton Malow’s LEAPS internship program requires the best from each of its participants. In return, it provides the best real-life construction experience the industry has to offer. Students learn about different building types and delivery methods while gaining on-the-job experience. Through intensive training, daily job functions, and corporate networking events, students are thoroughly prepared for entering the construction industry. Each summer, between 40 and 50 students participate in our program and deploy to Barton Malow jobsites and offices around the country.

What We Look For

Enrollment in construction management, architectural, civil, or other relevant degree program. We want students who are serious about their education and look for a GPA of 3.0 or higher. We want to see involvement in student organizations and demonstrated leadership among peers. Finally, we’re looking for flexibility and students willing to go where the opportunities are!

Ultimately, converting students into full-time team members is the goal. Many students intern with Barton Malow for one, two, or three rotations prior to accepting a full-time position.

How to Apply

To apply for the LEAPS Internship Program or full-time entry-level opportunities, please visit our Careers page.