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Barton Malow Among First Michigan Contractors to Join One Gigawatt Club for Renewable Energy

Barton Malow Among Renewable Energy Contractors to Hit One Gigawatt Milestone

Barton Malow Company is among the first Michigan construction companies to enter the “One Gigawatt Club,” solidifying itself as one of the leading contractors in Michigan’s renewable wind energy market. Entering the “One Gigawatt Club” signifies Barton Malow Company’s proven capacity to produce one gigawatt of renewable wind energy through wind turbine installations. According to the U.S Department of Energy, one gigawatt of power equals 110-million LED bulbs or roughly 1.3-million horses.

“Renewables are a win-win for both the economy and the climate,” said Barton Malow Company Vice President of Energy Matt Lentini. “We’re proud to be able to say that we’re a major contributor to the clean power sector here in Michigan, and we look forward to expanding our renewable energy portfolio throughout the country.”

Since entering the wind market with the construction of Stoney Corners Wind Farm in McBain, Mich. in 2008, Barton Malow is one of the contractors that has invested significant time and resources to help ensure a cleaner, more sustainable future through renewable energy, including:

  • Over 1.75 million direct hours worked.
  • 23 projects throughout Michigan’s lower peninsula and into the upper peninsula.
  • And work on 499 turbines from eight different manufacturers.

In 2021, Barton Malow Company expanded its wind project portfolio beyond its home state, and it will continue to build upon its renewable energy work with projects underway in solar and battery storage and more to come.

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