Looking to the Future in Central Florida With Sustainable Construction Solutions

The word innovation has been defined as “the creation of a new device or process resulting from study and experimentation.” Similarly, the word innovative has been defined as “ahead of the times, forward-looking, and favoring or promoting progress.”

Almost forty years of successful building in central Florida has given Barton Malow the opportunity to study, experiment, and to create – bringing innovation to life. By then learning what works through experience, Barton Malow has taken a proactive approach to improving efficiency, quality, safety, and client satisfaction on our projects. As a result, ‘Building Innovative Solutions’ has not only become our mission, but the way we do business.

Our Central Florida construction management team is “ahead of the curve,” providing clients innovative preconstruction and construction services in each of our niche markets. By using a forward-looking approach, our teams have established and embraced inventive techniques to sustainable construction, Building Information Modeling, quality control and preconstruction services, all which are performed locally, in-house. We are building smarter than ever before, and are producing quantifiable results.

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Dave Price

“Building lives and facilities are my passions.”