Barton Malow

Delta Energy Park

Lansing Board of Water + Light

LBWL Delta Energy Park Complete

With the goal of becoming the largest utility in Michigan to generate coal-free power by 2025 and reduce carbon emissions by 80 percent, Lansing Board of Water and Light (LBWL) partnered with Lansing Power Constructors, a joint venture between Barton Malow and Clark Construction, to develop the Delta Energy Park. LBWL generates power for residential, commercial, and industrial customers throughout the greater Lansing region.

The Delta Energy Park is a new natural gas-fired combined cycle plant; home to three Siemens SGT-800 gas turbines, two Vogt Heat Recovery Steam Generators, and one Doosan steam turbine. The combustion turbines are each capable of 57 MWs and steam turbine generator is capable of 90 MWs. Working through a construction management approach, our team also delivered a new switch yard and cooling tower to provide LBWL with a complete functioning power plant.

Now complete, LBWL will be able to retire the Eckert and Erickson Power Stations to meet their 2025 goal to reduce carbon emissions.

Delivering Self-Perform Services

Barton Malow was selected following a competitive bid process to self-perform the site development and centerline erection for this project. The site development team executed site clearing, grading, and utility installation and our centerline team executed the major equipment installation including one Simple Cycle CTG and stack, two CTGs with bypass stacks, two HRSGs and stacks, and one STG. Our centerline team also installed BOP equipment including one condenser, one auxiliary boiler, three gas compressors, and four boiler feed pumps.