Barton Malow

Library Book Depository Phase III

The Ohio State University

The Ohio State Libraries are expanding the existing book depository to create a higher education facility that houses the last copies of print materials at a centralized fulfillment center. This ongoing two-year initiative consists of adding approximately 29,000 SF of high bay space to optimize the library’s storage volume through customized shelving and create growth opportunities for the University’s expanding collection. The expansion features 30-foot ceilings and a static shelving system on a structural super flat concrete floor slab, allowing for the storage of 4.2 million volumes, plus audio and visual materials.

Barton Malow has already installed a complete heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system responsible for heating and cooling the expansion, including inner shelf high-bay storage spaces. The project delivery team took special measures to combat electrical material delays, allowing the installed HVAC system to undergo start-up, testing, and balancing to accommodate the owner’s occupancy date.

Additionally, Barton Malow was responsible for the creation of the building envelope, including the materials that comprise the foundation, wall assembly, roofing systems, glazing, doors, and any other penetrations. Barton Malow self-performed temporary protection for winter conditions, general trades, and door installations for this project.

Preserving History

This project will not only benefit The Ohio State University community, but will also feed into a much larger ongoing national “collective collections” effort to ensure the preservation of library materials for years to come. The Library Book Depository expansion allows OSU’s libraries to be a major player and gain a leadership position in this impactful effort to preserve history.