Barton Malow

Powerton + Waukegan Generating Stations

NRG Energy

Barton Malow has been performing annual refractory maintenance repairs at NRG Energy’s Powerton + Waukegan Generating Stations in Illinois since 1997.

Powerton Generating Station

Each year, Barton Malow inspects and repairs refractory in units 51, 52, 61, and 62 at NRG’s Powerton Generating Station in Pekin, Illinois. These units are comprised of 40 cyclones, 4 slag tanks, 8 slag necks, 8 GR and GT ducts, and 1 auxiliary boiler. Annual maintenance requires refractory to be rammed in the cyclones, cyclone doors, and all firebox floors and walls. Brickwork is removed and new installation in all slag tanks occurs, shooting gunnite in all slag necks and in the slag tanks. Refractory is also removed and installed in all GR and GT ducts through casting and gunning refractory methods. Once refractory installation is finished, the work is sealed for completion.

Waukegan Generating Station

At NRG’s Waukegan Generating Station in Waukegan, Illinois, Barton Malow inspects and repairs unit 7 and 8’s superheat and reheat slag tanks and boilers. This work consists of brickwork removal and installation in the 4 slag tanks (2 in the superheat and 2 in the reheat), gunning refractory in all slag tanks, casting refractory in the upper penthouses of each boiler,  as well as casting around all the tubes in the slopes of each boiler.

Adaptable with High-Quality Results

At both generating plants, Barton Malow is challenged to work within tight schedules that often are changed multiple times during each outage. Additionally, based on the inspection of refractory within these units, the scope of work is adjusted accordingly. The willingness to change and adopt modified scopes of work, while ensuring high quality performance, has always been one of Barton Malow’s strong characteristics.

This yearly maintenance work ensures NRG Energy can efficiency run its Powerton and Waukegan Generating Stations. Barton Malow’s longstanding relationship with NRG Energy is a result of our quality and reliable refractory work throughout the years.