Barton Malow

Dearborn Works Ongoing Maintenance

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refractory support

Barton Malow has been providing ongoing refractory maintenance at Dearborn Works since 2009. Barton Malow’s self-perform capacity allows us to respond to emergency repairs, routine maintenance, and engineering projects.

As part of our ongoing relationship, Barton Malow provides refractory maintenance with project scopes varying from job to job. Some common jobs include furnace relines and stove rebuilds, which add a protective and insulating layer of heat resistance to the inside of the furnace. These jobs are necessary to prevent excessive heat loss and can lead to overall greater energy efficiency.

Dearborn Works C-Furnace

Barton Malow was awarded refractory work for Dearborn Works C-Furnace in October 2019. The purpose of this project was to inspect and repair sections of the C-Furnace, including the Hot Blast Main Lining, Bustle Pipe Lining, Bosh Shotcrete Wear Surface, Gun Furnace Offtakes-Uptakes-Crossovers and Dome Lining, and the PW BLT Gearbox.

Barton Malow used work package planning to strategize the details of this project, from crew size to work performed down to the minute. As a result, Barton Malow successfully finished the refractory work on this particular furnace project two days under schedule and $138,000 under budget.