Barton Malow

Warren + Mack Avenue Paint Shops

Stellantis / Giffin, Inc.

Stellantis Mack Avenue and Warren Paint Shops

To give Stellantis a pair of state-of-the-art facilities, Giffin, Inc. hired Barton Malow as the general contractor for the Stellantis Mack Avenue and Warren Paint Shops. 

The Warren Paint Shop and Mack Avenue Paint Shop projects included Barton Malow self-perform demolition and foundation installations, setting structural steel, performing building enclosure work, and slab-on-grade concrete placement.

The Mack Avenue Paint Shop joined two other on site facilities – a body shop and an assembly plant – to form Detroit’s first new general assembly plant in about 30 years. The Mack Paint Shop stands approximately 900 feet long and three stories high. About 6,500 tons of steel were used in its fabrication. This mid-sized Paint Shop now processes 48 vehicles per hour.

In October 2021, the Mack Paint Shop project was awarded LEED Silver Certification from the United States Green Building Council.

The new Warren Truck Paint Shop is processing the 2021 Jeep Wagoneer and Grand Wagoneer, Stellantis’ new flagship vehicles. Our teams completed a two-story paint shop addition to the existing operating plant, and our average slab-on-grade pours were 25,000 SF throughout the coldest winter months.