Barton Malow

Warren Local Schools Campus Improvements

Warren Local School District

Warren Local Schools High School - Ohio K12 Construction

After several failed bond issues, the Warren Local Schools’ campus improvements bond program finally passed. This paved the way for a modern K12 learning campus to be built in Vincent, Ohio, with all Warren’s school buildings on one, 60-acre site. The investment included a new high school, a new elementary school, additions and renovations to the existing middle school, improvements to school support buildings, and the demolition of the buildings the new construction replaced.

The end result of construction transformed the Ohio district to provide students with updated K12 facilities that support their academic goals and create a modern learning campus of which the Warrior community can be proud. In addition, the project met the district’s goal of increasing operational efficiency and minimizing the impact of the changes on the community.

Up for the Challenge

To combat numerous schedule challenges due to weather, poor soil conditions, COVID-19 shutdowns, and material delays, budget and schedule updates were provided to the owner regularly through monthly meetings and biweekly summary reports. In addition, all of this work took place on the same campus, making this a unique K12 project and requiring our teams to work sequentially to allow for the high level of activity happening on construction. We turned over both new buildings on time and students began classes as scheduled. Project savings also allowed improvements to the asphalt parking lots, which will reduce the necessity for future repairs in the years to come.

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