Barton Malow

Chicago Hub Expansion

FedEx Ground

Occupied Distribution Center Expansion - FedEx Chicago Exterior northeast view with truck

Barton Malow was contracted to provide construction management and concrete self-perform services for the expansion of the occupied FedEx Chicago distribution center, a crucial component of FedEx Ground’s overall operations. The warehouse serves as one of the main hubs for FedEx Ground and manages the distribution of packages nationwide.

This project consisted of adding a fourth operational load wing along the south exterior and updating other facilities on site. It was broken up into four separate phases, ranging from the construction of an eight-bay maintenance garage and demolition of two existing maintenance garages, to the expansion of the existing hub and completion of a 550-foot long, 12-foot tall sound wall, as well as other associated sitework and paving.

Overcoming Complicated Logistics with Innovative Techniques

The facility’s main purpose is the prompt delivery of goods and as the main hub in the Midwest, we didn’t have the option of shutting down the site or impacting the facility in any way. The primary concern during all phases was ensuring open lanes were always accessible, so the team constantly communicated all activities and logistics to FedEx Ground personnel.

In addition to open communication and careful planning, the team devised an innovative approach to ensure operations could continue as expected. Specific load wings and occupied areas on site were designated for “critical loads,” meaning these distribution center loads and corresponding deliveries could not be interrupted during the expansion project. To accommodate these critical loads, we devised a unique pour sequence approach for all site concrete. Furthermore, the team utilized high early concrete, concrete with expedited curing abilities, in areas where critical loads took place.