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Columbus Blue Jackets Locker Room Renovations, Nationwide Arena Improvements

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Columbus Blue Jackets NHL locker room renovation

Located in the heart of Columbus, Ohio, Nationwide Arena is home to the National Hockey League’s Columbus Blue Jackets and hosts various other special events and entertainment acts throughout the year. 

Locker Room and Training Area Renovations

In mid-2021, Barton Malow broke ground on the first phase of a renovation to transform the Blue Jackets locker room and training area into one of the best in the NHL. The 2,900-SF locker room renovation focused on providing a modern, state-of-the-art feel for the team. Improvements included a raised 15-foot ceiling, a center-hung four-screen video panel jumbotron, new flooring, and more durable locker stalls. Beyond the significant renovations made to the locker room, the Barton Malow team focused on small details with customized ribbon boards above each locker and color-changing accent lighting.

Phase I of the project also included a shower and restroom area revamp, including the addition of two hydrotherapy tubs. Installed above the tubs are flat-screen TVs that help players stay up to date with other games around the NHL and their own game-day tapes. Featuring both a hot and cold-water environment, the hydrotherapy tubs create a space where practicality and luxury meet to provide players with the resources to promote peak performance when it’s time to hit the ice.  

After the Phase I locker room renovations, Barton Malow launched a Phase II initiative in May of 2022 that focused on the modernization of the weight room, dining area, family lounge, coaches’ offices, player’s lounge, training room, equipment room, and expansion of the laundry facility. The goal of this phase was to redevelop existing spaces while adding new spaces for the Columbus Blue Jackets to utilize during training and home games. 

Barton Malow sought to turn the Columbus Blue Jackets’ existing one-level training environment into a space large enough to allow for widespread group training sessions while remaining collaborative. With the addition of the second-level cardio mezzanine, players can observe workouts on the ground level while making the most of their training time on the cardio equipment overlooking the weight room floor. 

Barton Malow remodeled the Blue Jackets’ X-ray room to allow space for advanced X-ray capabilities and tools. This room is critical for early injury detection and promoting player safety and long-term health, especially in high-contact sports like hockey. 

Before the renovation, a small laundry room was located near the training facility, making the laundry transfer to the equipment room time-consuming and unsuitable for support staff. The new laundry room built during Phase II captured space previously used as an outside loading dock. This acquisition of new space allowed Barton Malow to create a larger laundry facility located conveniently beside the equipment room to benefit support staff as they easily maneuver from the laundry room to the equipment room.

Nationwide Arena Improvements

Renovating the Nationwide Arena owner’s suite was a project Barton Malow took on outside of the scope of Phase I and II. This project aimed to create a premium viewing experience for CBJ owners and their guests. With a focus on detail, Barton Malow provided modern finishes with spaces for eating, socializing, and game viewing. The Columbus Blue Jackets logo embellishes the back wall with LED and accent lighting to create a luxurious game-day ambiance.

Beyond Barton Malow’s desire to provide the Columbus Blue Jackets with access to premier training spaces, rehabilitation facilities, and team environments was an inclination to create opportunities for the media to capture the Columbus Blue Jackets’ pride and comradery spans far beyond the locker room. Adding a video board at the player’s grand entrance and the Blue Jackets’ name adorning the ceiling in the hallway leading from the home team locker room to the ice allows for high-profile branding opportunities to create viewer and player hype around games and broadcasted Columbus Blue Jacket events.