Barton Malow

Early Childhood Center

Troy School District

Barton Malow_Troy Early Childhood Center 1

Troy School District’s innovative Early Childhood Education Center serves hundreds of students, who now benefit from the same world-class education the district offers in the K12 system.

The facility was designed through the lens of a 3-5-year-old child. Instead of trying to retrofit classrooms meant for older students, the entire facility was built around the needs and curriculum of preschool students. The building includes large classrooms with natural light and shared spaces that promote collaboration and teaming. The goal is to provide young learners with invigorating environments that foster developmentally appropriate learning and allow plenty of room to explore.

A Unique Structure

Adhering to the surrounding community, the team designed and constructed a school, unlike an ordinary educational facility. Blending into the adjacent neighborhood, the appearance of the Early Childhood Center resembles that of a large house. The building features windows you would often see on a traditional home, siding in place of brick on the exterior walls, and a pitched, shingled roof instead of a standard flat roof. The team was always looking for innovative processes to use during the construction of the early childhood center. These choices not only added to the aesthetic of the building but also kept costs low to help meet the strict budget.

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