Down Woodward Avenue, one will find the past and future intertwining as new boutiques, restaurants and bars open their doors. As construction manager for the new 130-room Shinola Hotel, located at 1400 Woodward in downtown Detroit, Barton Malow is looking to showcase how technology is being used to restore history while also creating something truly innovative. The end result will be building a unique, thoughtfully curated hospitality experience meant to further invigorate the area.

Shinola First Pour from Barton Malow on Vimeo.

The scope of the new hotel is something unlike anything else Woodward Avenue has seen in a while: it’s the first demolition in the area since 1998. With the rehabilitation of two historic buildings and the design of three newly constructed ones, 16,000 square feet of food, beverage and retail space will be added to the area; it’s exactly why a project of this size requires cutting-edge technology. That’s where Barton Malow’s Virtual Design and Construction Collaboration Team steps in.

To precisely measure steel placement between two historic buildings (the 1400 Woodward building and the Singer Building at 1416 Woodward), the team utilized state-of-the-art laser scanning at the site. Moreover, laser scanning was used to ensure a historic, though dilapidated, fire escape was recreated in every detail. The team didn’t stop there, though. With the demolition of the buildings at 1412, 1420 and 1424 Woodward, ensuring proper steel fabrication and installation for the spaces between was vital. The VDC team used 3D modeling to make modifications necessary to accommodate the new steel structures on this historic site. As the project continues, these types of technology will be crucial in executing the Shinola Hotel experience.

Read more about Barton Malow’s use of laser scanning at the Shinola Hotel.

Shinola Hotel Steel Erection from Barton Malow on Vimeo.

New York-based Gachot Studios will design the hotel. Detroit-based Kraemer Design Group is the architect of record on the project.

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