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US Headquarters + Ignition Manufacturing Plant

Eldor Corporation


To give Eldor Automotive Powertrain a new place to innovate, Barton Malow and its design and engineering collaborators at Gresham, Smith & Partners (GSP) came together to deliver the Ignition Manufacturing Plant and US Headquarters project. The new 254,000-SF design-build facility is comprised of two main buildings: a pre-engineered building which serves as a molding and production workshop, and a conventional steel building which houses administrative facilities, including a gymnasium and kitchen as well as offices and gathering space. The project also included three secondary buildings: a guardroom, a facility manager building, and a waste storage building. The five-acre property also required significant sitework including paving, storm water systems, and landscaping.

Integrating Special Systems for Seamless Owner Operations

In an advanced manufacturing environment, environmental controls and systems integration is an important factor in efficiency, productivity, and most importantly, safety. Barton Malow collected and incorporated owner equipment design documents, manufacturing line configuration data, and operator layout/workflow to design utility connections to special systems such as equipment exhaust, compressed air, processed chilled water, and industrial electrical sockets to create a seamless relationship between building and operations.